artist statement.

i use algorithms to dissect tropes, customs, or ideas that are commonly accepted as fact without much second-guessing. these things have a great and often subconscious influence on our attitudes, but we often do not stop to consider them as causal, beyond superficially regarding them as “the way things are”. this extends not only to our interactions with each other on an individual level, but to our preconceptions and treatment of each other as collective groups, as well as of our physical environment and surroundings.

in addition, the internet and the increasing connectedness of global societies are constantly transforming and changing what we consider to be normal behavioral conduct, as well as the information we consider "accurate" and the sources from which we obtain this information in the first place. the added benefit of this is the data trail it leaves, creating a concrete record of our actions over an extended period of time. i use technology to leverage this, both to collect data — text, photos, audio and video — as well as to shape it into a new form that more explicitly calls attention to its impact. 

i am interested in how algorithms can expose patterns in our thinking and action that we might not necessarily have been aware of without them. while there is bias inherent in these processes based on the programmer who writes them, they are still often far enough removed from the subjectivity of human thinking to create new awareness and understanding of the ways our smallest actions affect the larger scope of our lives.