no. 382,280. electrical transmission of power

a poetic ode to one of the greatest scientists and inventors of our time.

named for one of the approximately 300 patents that he put on file in his lifetime, this piece serves as an abstract representation of the life, inventions and legacy of nikola tesla, one of the most prolific and brilliant scientists the world has ever known.  evocative images reflecting on the successes of his work and his personal and professional struggles (both with his peers and with his own mental stability) are depicted, using traditional digital animation techniques as well as generative images designed with code.

"no. 382,280. electrical transmission of power" was created with amik ahmad and alex samoilescu for big screens during the fall 2012 semester at NYU's interactive telecommunications program.  it was presented on march 1, 2013 at interactive corps' headquarters in manhattan, on their 120-foot wide. high-resolution video wall.