“gaze” is a performance piece designed to serve as a commentary on misogyny in american society, through the remixing and re-appropriation of popular music and culture. the piece was created using microsoft’s kinect sensor, max/MSP, and processing.

i control and remix a series of misogynistic songs, videos, and sound bites through the use of provocative motion as well as an unzippable bodysuit that controls the speed and glitchiness of the music. through this layering and intentionally pointed combination, i aim to make the audience aware of just how much anti-woman sentiment exists in the media we consume, and how much of the way that society views women is not controlled by them.

“gaze” was created for new interfaces for musical expression (NIME) during the fall 2012 semester at NYU’s interactive telecommunications program. it was performed at glasslands gallery in brooklyn, NY on december 9, 2012.