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updated 6 June 2019.


University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School for Communication
PhD. 2018 - 2023 [expected].

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
MPS, Interactive Telecommunications Program. 2011 - 2013.

Columbia University in the City of New York, Columbia College
BA, Film Studies. 2002 - 2006.

awards, honors & residencies.

2019          artist fellowship, eyeo festival, minneapolis, MN (june).
2019          artist in residence, philadelphia area creative collaboratives (PACC) / haverford college visual culture, arts and media, haverford, PA (january – may).
2018          graduate teaching & research fellowship, annenberg school for communication, university of pennsylvania (5 years).
2018          artist in residence, SOHO20 residency lab, brooklyn, NY (july & august).
2018          artist in residence, the arctic circle residency, svalbard (june: solstice expedition).
2016          artist in residence, #slowtrain, china residencies, trans-siberian railway (august).
2016          artist in residence, SPACES world artists program (SWAP), SPACES gallery, cleveland, OH (may — july).
2015          artist in residence, flux factory, queens, NY (october – december).
2014          artist in residence, flux factory, queens, NY (july & august).
2013-2014     resident research fellow, interactive telecommunications program, new york university.
2013          sony electronics scholarship award, tisch school of the arts, new york university.
2012-2013     tisch dean’s scholarship, new york university.
2011-2012     tisch departmental scholarship, new york university.

selected exhibitions.

2019          “flux factory 25th anniversary auction”, flux factory, queens, NY (june; benefit)
2019          “republican speech”, dilettante army [online] (summer 2019 issue; “crowded field”)
2019          “pop-up studio: roopa vasudevan”, haverford college, haverford, PA (april; open studio & exhibition)
2018          “roopa vasudevan: editor's notes — open editing sessions”, SOHO20 gallery, brooklyn, NY (july & august)
2018          “20/20 hindsight = 40 years”, SPACES, cleveland, OH (april - june; exhibition, “editor's notes (constitution)”)
2017          “the FL3TCH3R exhibit: socially and politically engaged art”, the reece museum, johnson city, TN (july; exhibition, “editor's notes (amendments)”, “composite candidate”, “composite congress”)
2017          “reuptake”, little berlin, philadelphia, PA (july; exhibition, “editor's notes (amendments)”)
2016          “star spangled”, harlan levey projects, brussels, belgium (november & december; exhibition, “#Bellwether”)
2016          “#slowtrain (#慢慢火车)”, wujin, independent art spaces beijing, beijing, china (august; solo exhibition)
2016          “#Bellwether”, SPACES, cleveland OH (may — july; solo exhibition)
2016          “fung wah biennial”, flux factory, queens, NY (march; exhibition, “eMOTION mapping”)
2015          “test patterns”, flux factory, queens, NY (december; curator)
2015          “flux factory artists in residence show”, flux factory, queens, NY (nov.; curator/exhibition, “composite fluxer”)
2015          “physico/electro”, the art association of jackson hole, jackson, WY (july-august; exhibition, “grillz”)
2015          “STROBE network”, flux factory, queens, NY (june; exhibition, “craigs shopping network”)
2015          “HANDS UP”, flux factory, queens, NY (may; a collaboration with atif ateeq)
2015          “data visualization lounge”, strata + hadoop world conference, san jose, CA (february; exhibition, “grillz”)
2015          “art hack day: deluge”, pioneer works, brooklyn, NY (january)
2014          “death by art”, death by audio, brooklyn NY (november; exhibition, “grillz”)
2014          “make: wearables on the runway”, engadget expand, jacob javits convention center, new york NY (november; exhibition, “hate couture”)
2014          “heavily scripted”, little berlin, philadelphia PA (october; exhibition, “grillz”)
2014          “office hours”, DUMBO arts festival, brooklyn, NY (september; exhibition, “grillz”)
2014          USA science and engineering festival, washington DC (april; exhibition, “hate couture”)
2013          TEDxNYU, new york, NY (may; exhibition, “all-american girls”)
2013          “big screens”, IAC, new york, NY (march; screening, “no. 382,280. electrical transmission of power”)
2013          “data visualization showcase”, strata conference, santa clara, CA (february; exhibition, “all-american girls”)
2012          “new interfaces for musical expression”, glasslands gallery, brooklyn, NY (december; performance, “gaze”)
2013          ITP spring show, new york, NY (may; exhibition, “hate couture”)
2012          ITP winter show, new york, NY (december; exhibition, “all-american girls”)
2012          ITP spring show, new york, NY (may; exhibition, “sluts across america”)
2011          ITP winter show, new york, NY (december; exhibition, “sex ed mannequin”)

selected talks & presentations.

2019          extra credit lecture series, institute of contemporary art, philadelphia PA (july; “new media and technology in contemporary art” [upcoming])
2019          ignite! eyeo 2019, eyeo festival, aria, minneapolis, MN (june: “dataDouble”)
2019          HASTAC 2019: decolonizing technologies, reprogramming education (university of british columbia) / digital democracies 2019: artificial publics, just infrastructures, ethical learning (simon fraser university), vancouver, british columbia, canada (may; “fake news poetry-performance workshop”, with alex juhasz, ioana jucan & wendy hui kyong chun)
2019          processing community day LA, UCLA broad art center, los angeles CA (january; workshop, “toward a reflexive data culture”)
2019          learning to teach LA, UCLA broad art center, los angeles CA (january; “prototyping pedagogy” facilitator: “teaching critical thinking in the tech art classroom”)
2018          la pietra dialogues, new york university florence, florence, italy (october; ”technology as anthropology“)
2018          theorizing the web 2018, museum of the moving image, queens, NY (april; "embracing the noise: public opinion, twitter, and the 2016 election")
2018          "INFINITE: new born" panel discussion, mixC art space, shanghai, china (march; "interdisciplinary education")
2017          TEDxNYU shanghai: "encounter", new york university shanghai, shanghai, china (november; with antonius wiriadjaja)
2017          meeting of the society for comparative literature and the arts, johns hopkins university, baltimore MD (october: "public opinion through an arts lens: #bellwether, twitter and the 2016 election")
2017          international digital media and arts association (iDMAa) conference, university of the district of columbia, washington DC (october: "#bellwether: data art in the age of internet politics")
2017          public programs and performances, california institute of integral studies, san francisco CA (october: "technology as anthropology")
2016          "#bellwether" closing event, SPACES, cleveland, OH (july)
2016          the american dream: a symposium at the intersection of art & politics, transformer station / the city club of cleveland, cleveland OH (july; "#bellwether")
2016          faculty lunch speaker series, new york university shanghai, shanghai, china (april; “technology as anthropology”)
2016          fung wah biennial artist talks, metropolitan museum of art media lab, new york NY (march; “eMotion mapping”)
2015          flux thursday, flux factory, queens, NY (november; curator presentation, "flux factory artists-in-residence show")
2015          flux thursday, flux factory, queens, NY (may; "HANDS UP" [with atif ateeq])
2015          women in tech series, brooklyn robot foundry, brooklyn NY (december; educational presentation on work)
2015          flux thursday, flux factory, queens, NY (august; "grillz" work in progress)
2015          women 2.0: 2020 vision, bellagio ballroom, las vegas NV (november; "hate couture")
2015          world maker faire new york, new york hall of science, queens NY (september; "hate couture”)
2015          ITP thesis week, new york university, new york NY (may; "hate couture")

selected press & publication.

2019          “data artist and doctoral student roopa vasudevan finds creative ways to tell untold stories” (annenberg school for communication news, 8 february)
2018          “memes, merch and media in the 2016 election” (adjacent: the ITP-IMA journal of emerging media, 15 june [AUTHOR])
2018          “mining twitter vitriol for the soul of the american voter” (NYU news, 2 march)
2016          “unconventional wisdom” (live wire radio, 7 november)
2016          “during the RNC, two art projects amplify the voices of ohio’s citizens” (hyperallergic, 19 july)
2016          “art that exposes the theater of politics” (hyperallergic, 21 june)
2016          “SPACES presents politically themed exhibits as RNC nears” (cleveland scene, 18 may)
2016          “fung wah biennial” (art in america, june/july 2016)
2015          “‘test patterns’ exhibition probes the limits of technology” (the creators project, 7 december)
2015          “‘there is still a lot stacked against us’: ferguson inspires year of art” (PBS newshour, 9 august)
2015          “crimes of the art #13” (hyperallergic, 19 may)
2015          “police union slams ‘hands up’ exhibit in queens” (pix11/WPIX-TV, 18 may)
2015          “hands up: flux factory installation simulates police shooting” (artnet news, 18 may)
2015          “NYPD union slams “hands up” installation in queens” (new york daily news, 16 may)
2015          “‘hands up’: new interactive installation aims to foster conversation on police brutality” (animal, 15 may)
2015          “new york exhibit taps into dialogue on race and policing” (reuters, 15 may [print & TV])
2014          “bling bling rules!” (tracks, arte, 6 december)
2014          “these 3D printed grillz are made from the sound of rap’s struggle” (noisey, 23 oct)
2014          “artist roopa vasudevan is turning your favorite rap lyrics into wearable 3D printed grillz” (paper, 16 oct)
2014          “an NYC artist turns rap lyrics into 3D printed grillz” (the FADER, 15 oct)
2014          “’grillz’ art installation uses algorithmic data to visualize hip-hop lyrics” (PSFK, 15 oct)
2014          “wear rap lyrics on your teeth with these 3D printed ‘grillz’” (dazed, 15 oct)
2014          “artist 3D prints grillz using algorithms generated from hip-hop songs” (designboom, 14 oct)
2014          “roopa vasudevan creates 3-D printed grillz using complicated algorithms of hip-hop lyrics” (complex, 13 oct.)
2014          “these 3D-printed ‘grillz’ are algorithmic visualizations of hip-hop lyrics” (animal, 13 october)
2014          “new exhibition asserts: programming is for artists too” ( philly, 3 october)
2014          “hate couture: tailored rants” (puls, bayerischer rundfunk, 19 february)
2012          “roopa vasudevan, grad student, designed cross-stitch patterns that show how women voted in the last election” (huffington post women, 18 december)
2012          “here is a beautiful cross-stitch visualization of how women voted in the last election” (jezebel, 17 december)
2012          “take it back: 5 steps to reclaim a dirty name” (good magazine, 15 july)
2012          “how to insult your political opponents” (new yorker blog, 3 may)
2012          “can ‘sluts across america’ reclaim a dirty word?” (slate, 26 april)
2012          “birth control advocacy of the day” (the daily what, 25 april)
2012          “birth control proponents form ‘sluts across america’” (fox 5 vegas, 24 april)

teaching experience.

2018 - present    teaching fellow, university of pennsylvania, annenberg school for communication
classes: COMM 388, ritual communication (fall 2018; with dr. litty paxton)
COMM 318, stories from data (fall 2019; with dr. matthew o’donnell)

2016 - 2018        assistant arts professor, new york university shanghai (上海纽约大学), interactive media arts
served as assistant director of academics, interactive media arts program (AY 2017 – 2018); communications lab area head (fall 2016 – spring 2018); capstone studio coordinator (fall 2016 – spring 2018).
classes: INTM-SHU 120, communications laba foundation course aiming to provide students with a framework to effectively communicate through digital means. covers HTML, CSS, javascript, audio, and video. undergraduate level. spring 2016, fall 2016, spring 2017.
INTM-SHU 209, this is the remix: a survey of the usage of remix, recontextualization and reappropriation as artistic tools. undergraduate level. fall 2016, spring 2018.
INTM-SHU 230, topics in computation and data: generative language: a course examining the use of text as source material for generative art. taught in the python programming language. fall 2017.
INTM-SHU 400, IMA capstone studio: studio class for senior interactive media arts majors developing their capstone projects. undergraduate level. spring 2017, spring 2018.

2014-present        adjunct assistant professor, new york university, interactive telecommunications program
classes: ITP-GT.2233, introduction to computational media: an introduction to the fundamentals of programming. graduate level. fall 2014 (using processing), fall 2015 (using p5.js).
ITP-GT.2697, this is the remix: a survey of the usage of remix, recontextualization and reappropriation as artistic tools. graduate level. spring 2015.

2014-2015            adjunct professor, fordham college at lincoln center
classes: COMM 2211, journalism workshop (multimedia): an introduction to technical and storytelling skills for multimedia journalism production.  undergraduate level. spring 2014, fall 2014, spring 2015, fall 2015.
NMDD 3890, data visualization and representation: an introduction to the basics of data visualization, information design, and data art.  undergraduate level. fall 2015. 

2013-2014             resident research fellow, new york university, interactive telecommunications program
year-long teaching and research fellowship; involves holding regular office hours with students, as well as leading weekly or semi-weekly workshops on introductory concepts in programming, video and sound, and animation.  graduate level.

2019           “towards a reflexive data culture“ (ITP camp, new york university; june)
2019          “introduction to javascript & p5.js“ (school of visual arts, new york; april)
2019           “introduction to HTML, CSS & bootstrap“ (school of visual arts, new york; march)
2018           “signals from noise: data representation on the web“ (new york university florence; october)
2015           “one hour of trust falls“ (creative time summit, brooklyn NY; november [with flux factory])
2015           “build a twitter bot“ (beam camp, strafford, NH; july)
2015           “generative embroidery“ (beam camp, strafford, NH; july)
2015           “kinect and processing“ (graduate architecture program, university of pennsylvania; february)
2015           “creative coding with processing“ (pioneer works, brooklyn NY; january & april)
2014-5         “data representation and processing“ (ITP camp, new york university; june [both years])
2014-5         “intro to python“ (ITP camp, new york university; june [both years])
2014          “data representation and processing“ (software for artists day, pioneer works, brooklyn NY)

selected professional experience.

2013-2016           freelance software developer
creating and debugging software for a variety of artistic and professional environments. clients include: innovid; urban matter, inc.; finish line features (“CODE: debugging the gender gap”); trixie films; third party films; and angie waller.

2011-2016           freelance digital & broadcast video producer
shooter, field producer, editor and motion graphics artist for digital, installation, and broadcast productions.  clients include the american museum of natural history (“the power of poison”, “pterosaurs: flight in the age of dinosaurs”, “nature’s fury”, “life at the limits”, “the secret world inside you”); local projects (“memory chamber” for the national september 11 memorial & museum, “gallery one” for the cleveland museum of art); the new york times; gigantic! productions (true life [mtv], secretly pregnant [discovery]).

2008-2011            gigantic! productions
responsibilities included: conducting casting, supervising field shoots, directing field producers and operating camera, writing voiceover script for teases and show narration, outlining story and supervising edit, orchestrating research/development for potential projects.
shows as producer-director: true life: i’m a sex offender (aired jan. 2012), true life: i’m allergic to everything (june 2011), true life goes on: where are your favorites now? (aired jan. 2011), true life: i’m addicted to food (aired dec. 2010).
shows as segment producer: true life: i have neurofibromatosis (aired april 2010), mtv news’ sexting in america: when privates go public (aired feb. 2010), true life:  i’m changing my sex (aired sept. 2009).
shows as associate producer: ice queens (aired feb. 2009), true life: i’m living off the grid (aired oct. 2008).

2007-2008          mtv networks: associate producer, news & docs / series development
cast, organized shoots, edited highlights and assisted with edit for hit me up (not-for-air pilot), brooklyn test tape and a true life marathon.  managed online moderation and web comments for hit me up.  researched potential topics and began preliminary casting for future episodes of true life.


programming languages: javascript (server and client side), python, processing, c++ (openFrameworks), ruby/sinatra, arduino, html, css, max/msp/jitter.
software: final cut pro 7, adobe creative suite (photoshop, illustrator, after effects, premiere, audition), microsoft office, mac osx, windows, and linux ubuntu operating systems.
cameras: canon 5D Mark II, 6D & 7D, sony hvr-v1u, panasonic ag-hmc40p, panasonic dvx100B & hvx200A.