craigs shopping network


"craigs shopping network" is a generative home shopping network culled from "for sale" ads pulled off of new york craigslist


sale items and visuals are gathered algorithmically from craigslist's RSS feeds, and are displayed complete with lower thirds and computer-generated voiceover. viewers are able to inquire about items that interest them by texting a phone number onscreen, which automatically relays their contact information to the owner of the posting.

as we increasingly shift towards the internet as a means of communication, commerce and exchange, "as seen on TV" means less and less to us as we spend more and more time online. CSN is an experiment in bringing this new mode of transaction into the antiquated marketing methods we've relied on exclusively in the past.


the data is gathered using custom software written in python, and the network is displayed using a custom app written in processing.


STROBE network, flux factory, june 2015