icm - week #2

for this week's icm assignment, we were asked to animate the sketch we completed for class last week. since my sketch was horribly simplistic, i revamped it a little bit and then went on to complete the assignment. the eyes and mouth animate to shut slowly and then flip back open, mimicking a sleep-deprived person's tendency to fall asleep when they really shouldn't be doing so. the user is also able to animate stars on the screen whenever they press their mouse on any blue area.

i had some trouble enabling "void mousePressed(){}" to work correctly.  whenever i ran the code, every time i pressed the mouse to animate the stars, i would get a weird yellow flicker of all my lines in the drawing.  thanks to a fellow classmate, ali sajjadi, i was able to modify the code so that "mousePressed" became a conditional and went directly inside the "void draw(){}" block.

icmRoopa Vasudevan