2D design - website analysis

i decided to analyze for our first 2D design assignment.  i've been reading their articles and reviews for years, and the site recently got a major design overhaul.

a lot of people are saying that the site now looks too corporate, and that their new logo is reminiscent of the logo for the restaurant chain ruby tuesday's (which i actually agree with).  it's true that although the new design feels somewhat sparse and plain for what the site is supposed to do and be about, i actually think it's a really good example of a website that is pleasant to look at and easy to navigate.

(UPDATE: a thorough (if sassy) compilation of previous pitchfork website designs, via hipsterrunoff.)

their one drawback, i think, is trying to put too much information on their homepage.  but i did really like how they structured everything out in their grid format, and that they didn't waste negative space too much.  i also liked how they used negative space to their advantage in their new logo (see: the "points" from the pitchfork in the letter "k").

images of the slides, as well as a link to the full slideshow, are below. analysis slideshow










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