pop-up books: ideas for final

i decided that i am going to continue along with the theme of magazines and their influence on the perception of women for my final. based on some feedback i got earlier in class, i'm going to evolve the project beyond just juxtaposing all of the ridiculous things i find, and actually give a little bit more of a push to the viewer in terms of getting them to think about all the negative things that are associated with the marketing we are accustomed to. i love the idea of pull tabs, smaller folds, and dials "revealing" something new about a previously established scene and i'd like to incorporate that into the final piece. ideally i'd like to make a 4-paneled book featuring the following things:

- bikini models in the waves becoming bikini models in a pile of skeletons (this will likely use a pull tab) - a jewelry ad being "disrupted" by the appearance of knives and blood (i'd love to use a dial for this, as well as some smaller folds with pivots in them that make blood "squirt" out) - a makeup ad with smaller folds along the sides that will open to reveal clowns - hypersexualized models becoming covered in burqas (again likely using a pull tab) - a collage of "damsels in distress" where you can open up their heads and see into their brains

i'm a terrible illustrator but i sketched out some ideas:

photo (1)

photo (1)

i'm beginning to collect assets from magazines, but this time i plan on scanning them in and printing them out so i can 1) potentially make multiple copies and 2) have everything be on the same type of card stock so that it sticks together better. i'm planning on using the craft robo to create some of the assets here; we'll see how well that works out.