pop-up books: week 2

pop-up books: week2 from Roopa Vasudevan on Vimeo.

this week's pages were again constructed from pieces of magazine content; the first from victoria's secret catalogs that i somehow started receiving a few months ago (i have no idea how i got on their mailing list), and the second, again, from vogue.  the first represents what heaven apparently looks like to the people who put together the VS catalog, and the second illustrates what advertisers in vogue apparently think women want (based on the number of jewelry ads in recent issues -- you can't turn a page without seeing diamonds, seriously).

i used this week's examples on generation and repetition as the base for both pages, and added external elements with box supports.  this time i glued down the "popping up" sections to the raw paper, without putting a glossy background on, and things are sticking together much, much better than they were last week.

pop-up booksRoopa Vasudevan