pop-up books: week 1

pop-up books: week 1 from Roopa Vasudevan on Vimeo.

for this week's assignment, i made 3 pages that i wanted to have illustrate the archetypes used to depict women in fashion and beauty magazines.  i used content from a bunch of issues of vogue from this past year that i hadn't recycled as yet.  the pages represent romantic/innocent/damsel in distress, highly sexualized, and just plain weird/robotic representations that i found.  i was struck by how similar the women looked in each of these categories, particularly in the sexualized piece.

the major problem i had this week was the glue i was using.  the glue stick i bought doesn't seem to want to stick to the glossy magazine pages i was using as my content this week, so it might be time to invest in some stronger liquid glue if i'm going to continue using this source material.

also, the content i used didn't fit into the pages once folded, but i figure this is a solvable problem if i put larger sheets of paper over the outside to cover the pieces that pop up.

pop-up booksRoopa Vasudevan