data rep: election midterm progress

beginnings of the election night midterm for data rep.  i'm working with ann chen to come up with a visualization of super PACs and their contributions.  what we found interesting in our search through the data was that they all contributed money specifically in support of or against a certain candidate -- so, for example, a democratic super PAC could contribute in support of obama or against romney.  we decided to create a visualization depicting the candidates either sinking or swimming as a result of being pulled either way by super PAC money (up by birds in support, down by sandbags against). i began with parsing the data and creating a basic visualization to see what it looks like.  i started with CSV data from the FEC for super PAC contributions.  in the end, i ended up using different sized ellipses to show the amount of the contributions made, color to sort by candidate (red for romney, blue for obama) and location to indicate support or opposition (on top for support, on the bottom for opposition).  interesting to note that republicans are spending a lot more money opposing obama than supporting romney, while democrats are spending about equal numbers for obama and against romney.

code here.

ETA: ann suggested that it might be more effective if we combined all contributions from the same super PAC together and displayed them that way, which, duh!  so here's a new sketch doing just that.

code here.

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