critmash (conversational spaces midterm)

for our conversational spaces midterm, ryan viglizzo, james borda, matt london and i decided to create a space online where members of the ITP community will feel free to submit thoughtful, honest critique about each other's work that will benefit the artist in future iterations.  critique is something that is lacking on the ITP floor, mostly because the sense of community is so strong that saying things about each other's projects that are not positive can make you seem like a bit of a jerk.

we set up the site to run using cargo collective, a framework used mainly by artists for portfolios and displays of their work.  the reasoning was that viewers would feel comfortable looking at the site if it was divided up by project, and if each work could have its own separate space with separate comments.

we tested the site at the !spring !winter show that was held at 319 scholes on march 3 and 4.  we hoped that a large number of users would feel compelled to contribute after seeing the works in the show live.  unfortunately, the L train ended up being down all weekend, reducing the number of people who went to the show, and thus limiting the comments that were made.  we were also unable to figure out how to tweak the comment box to ask more targeted and thought-provoking questions of the user, something that would have improved the quality of the responses that we got.

ryan and i both still think this is a really good idea, and the feedback we received definitely underscored that and made it clear that something like this is necessary in the ITP community.  future iterations of this would include more pointed prompts in the comment sections, as well as the ability for artists to submit and upload their own pieces at any point in their process to collect feedback from the community.