sluts across america: demo

this week's assignment was about participation and transaction between at least three parties in storytelling.

as i mentioned in my class presentation, it took me a really long time to decide what i wanted to do this project on.  i wanted to do something where i could ensure that i got people talking and participating, but i wasn't entirely sure what platform that might necessitate or the subject matter that would encourage it.

eventually, i just decided to do something that i was passionate about -- and nothing really incenses me more these days than the GOP war on women & birth control.  i've been involved with activism around sex ed, birth control and abortion for a while now and it really boggles my mind how a select group of rich, conservative white men think that they can make value judgments on an entire group of women based on a set of behaviors.  after talking with marianne about the angle i need to take for this, i decided to emphasize just how absurd this debate really is.

"sluts across america" proposes to create an environment for women (and those who love them) who object to being called "sluts" or "immoral" based on our desire to be responsible about sex.  in it, contributors will complete the phrase "i'm a slut because..." by articulating valid and appropriate reasons for choosing to use birth control, or supporting birth control being widely available with no co-payment on all health insurance.  it's a project designed to take back the word "slut" from the vocabulary of our opponents and show that just because a woman decides to protect herself, it doesn't make her a bad or unsavory person.

this demo was done in processing, but i am going to build it for the web as my final for the class.  i plan to launch the site in mid-april and see if i can get responses from users all over the country.  i'm hoping that it can become a way to show politicians and voters that taking birth control away from the women and men who need it will cause much more harm than good.