25-word narratives

I struggle to find meaning behind your actions.  It's so hard to think of anything else.  I hope that someday it will all make sense. In his eyes, she saw a million stories.  She counted herself lucky that she got the chance to hear even one.  She wished she'd heard more.

As death approached, he reflected on his life.  There were bad times, but happiness pervaded his memories.  He smiled, knowing he'd lived to the fullest.


* * *
i decided to go with hint fiction's 25-word format because i wanted to challenge myself to write something short, but 6 words felt like too little to me in order to adequately tell a story.  i wanted a little more ability to go deeper, to have some kind of development in there (either of character or plot).

it's a challenge for me to whittle my word count down (always has been the case, no matter what i write -- my college thesis exceeded the recommended length by twenty-five pages!), so i was extremely conscious of what i was writing as i wrote it.  i even scratched out a story i tried to write about a crowd surfer at a punk rock show because i couldn't figure out how to appropriately shave it down from 30 words to 25.  i tend to want to describe a lot and it was hard not to do that here, because i felt an instinctive pull to elaborate.

i think the second two examples here are successful (they might even be seen as parts one and two of the same series of stories), but i don't know about the first.  perhaps because it's a story about an internal state of mind, i can't seem to reconcile the fact that these words make up an actual narrative for a character because it seems too similar to what could potentially be going on inside my own head.  according to this week's reading, though, what i have in the first story is indeed enough to be a narrative; i guess it's just not the kind of narrative i'm used to.