connected documentary: proposal

i recently broke up with a long-term boyfriend and have been getting into the dating world for the first time in a few years.  as i start to remember how many social constructs there are around dating, especially in the beginning of relationships, i am reminded by how much we are forced to obscure the truth in our day to day lives.  when dating someone new, for instance, you are required to hide facets about yourself that may not be seen as attractive, even though they may be more representative of who you are; you lie about your plans, daily activities and whereabouts in order to make yourself seem more of less unavailable; and under no circumstances are you to EVER reveal how much you like the other person, lest you seem "crazy," "desperate," or both. that got me to thinking about lying and honesty, not only in the context of dating, but as a fundamental instinct of how we operate socially.  i'd like to do a documentary about the idea of honesty and what that means to different people.  what makes a little white lie different from a major, unforgivable one?  why are we so quick to dismiss lying as a fault but are reluctant to be completely honest with people when there are things they say or do that we don't personally agree with?  why do we build relationships around anything EXCEPT the whole truth?  through interviews, research, and potentially interactive elements, i'd like to explore this idea and create a narrative that can hopefully explain why fudging the truth has become so vital to normal social interaction.