sex ed mannequin: final documentation

previously: "sex ed mannequin: preshow documentation." it's taken a minute to get this up but here we go: photos and final video for the mannequin!

the show basically went without a hitch.  people seemed to really love the project and were immediately drawn to opening the doors and exploring what was inside.  the one phrase i kept hearing over and over again was "we need this in schools!" which felt really great to hear.

i didn't have as much of an opportunity as i would have liked to user test with my intended audience -- most teens that showed up were too embarrassed to use the mannequin in front of their parents, or their parents didn't want them to see it -- but the teenagers that did get the chance to use it extensively seemed really drawn to it.  one even told me that he thought it was "pretty cool," which is definitely the most validating compliment you can get from a teen boy.

one thing i found myself frustrated by was the manner in which most adults interacted with the mannequin -- namely, that they wouldn't read the screen and info all the way through before either asking me what to do next or trying to advance it on their own.  this wasn't something i had an issue with when younger people were using it, though, so more user testing might be necessary to determine if this is really an issue.

photos and video below.  all in all, the show was a great experience and i'm really hoping to have the chance to develop this project more in the future!





























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