sex ed mannequin: pre-show documentation

the concept: an interactive, educational installation inside a mannequin. users will open doors and manipulate sensors inside the mannequin to control a flow of information about sexual and reproductive health, presented in processing.

long story short, the implementation basically came through like i had planned, although it took much longer to get everything working than i had initially imagined. the user walks up to the mannequin and is greeted by a screen welcoming them and inviting them to open up a door or two. once the door is opened, the user is greeted by a scenario or question, and is directed to manipulate buttons or sensors mounted on internal panels in order to move the information forward. video of the implementation is below (culled from two tests -- the first just after presenting in class, and the last after all of the mannequin code had been written and run).

(cheekily cut to "let's talk about sex" by salt-n-pepa.  will add more to this video after the show!)

as a refresher, or in case you're coming to this for the first time, here are the entries i made as i was going through the process of constructing and implementing this project.

proposal entry final: and so it begins final: prototype arduino final: what did i do this week? final: the arduino saga final: where i stand now (post class presentations)

and here is the final code for the project:


as it stands now, the mannequin is fully functional. all i have left to do before the show is some tweaking and polishing to the fabrication (including decorating the sensors with the appropriate images), as well as mapping out some sensor values for the stretch sensor in the right arm and editing the condom usage video down.

this was, hands down, an incredibly ambitious project for me. i knew that going in, but it was only when i was in the thick of it that i realized just how ambitious it was -- and how insane it was that i chose to work alone on something this large-scale. undertaking this was definitely a lesson learned as far as keeping things in perspective, but ultimately i am so glad that i didn't just give up or scale down. i created almost exactly what i set out to create, and having come to this program not knowing how to do any of this less than four months ago, i think that speaks volumes.

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