final: and so it begins

siegel and stockman on 25th street hooked me up with a FREE mannequin for my project.

originally the salesman was going to charge me $75 for it, but then told me he'd give it to me for free because he didn't know how i would effectively cut fiberglass without destroying it.  i repeatedly offered to give him money, but he refused.  really great guy.

ben light gave me some good suggestions for using a dremel to cut pieces out of the mannequin, but as far as hinges, he didn't have any idea how i was going to get those on.  unless i come up with a better idea in the next couple weeks, i think i'm just going to have to epoxy everything on.

in other final-related news, i'm busy at work creating the illustrator files for all of my graphics.  i also put in an order for all my sensors this morning, as well as the components needed to build my own arduino clones to control the numerous sensors that i'll need to install.

yes, you heard me right.  BUILDING MY OWN ARDUINO CLONES.

tom suggested this as a way to effectively control the inputs that i'll need, rather than spending ca$h-money on a mega or multiple unos.  and it's true, i bought components for 3 clones for less money than i would have spent on a mega or two more unos.  i'm kind of freaked out by this idea but the excitement is taking over.  i have a feeling this project is going to teach me a lot.

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