icm/pcomp final project proposal

title: "sex ed mannequin" (temporary title)

one-sentence summary: this is an interactive, educational sex ed exhibit aimed at girls and young women making decisions about sex, and hopefully can be used as a tool to give them more information in a fun, engaging way.

project description: originally, i was just going to expand on my icm midterm and create a screen-based trivia game, with questions aimed at both genders.  for my final, i was going to concentrate on creating better graphics as well as gathering and organizing the data presented.

then one day i had a brainstorm for my pcomp final, and it involved carving open a mannequin, making doors that opened to reveal its interior, and putting sensors inside each door to control a game or a screen based animation.  after spending a day deliberating about what exactly i wanted to do with this idea, it dawned on me that it fit perfectly with the sex ed theme of my icm project.  so i decided to combine the two.

i still haven't exactly figured out what i want the physical interacton to consist of as far as what the user would need to do to get the door open.  however, i'd like each door or area of the body to connect to a different theme (for example, the head to something like "how do i know i'm ready to have sex?", or the abdomen to a pregnancy discussion, etc.).  there would be controllable sensors inside the mannequin connected to each theme, and each section would have its own segment in the processing sketch -- ideally beginning with a trivia question or a scenario (similar to the format of my midterm) but which would then lead into a video or infographic giving more information on the topic, or a "choose your own adventure" segment which allows the user to control the outcome based on decisions they make in 3 or 4 rounds.

i decided to shift the focus to girls-only for two reasons.  first, practically, mannequins are expensive, and it would also be twice as much work to create both a male and a female version.  i'd rather devote all my energy to one and make it awesome than have two mediocre versions of what i want.  and secondly, there is a larger stigma surrounding girls and sex than there is around guys.  i've always been somewhat of a feminist and really concerned about young women getting all the information they need to about sex and about how to really own their bodies and make decisions that are the best for them in that regard.

my hope is that this will be a really engaging educational tool, but i am a bit concerned that there's a really fine line between being engaging and creepy, especially after spending the past two days shopping for mannequins online.  this will definitely need a lot of critique and user testing to help me make choices that will give this project the best possible outcome.

examples of screen elements:

videos of my examples in use:

#1 - the keyboard/arduino side

#2 - the screen side

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