media controller #1: humble beginnings

when atif, stefanie and i got together to first discuss our media controller project, we had a really hard time figuring out what to do.  we knew we wanted to do something incorporating sound, since none of us had worked with it before, and initially we were thinking about incorporating visuals as well.  but ultimately we decided to create a dj jacket -- an article of clothing that allows the dj to escape the confines of his turntable and laptop and go out into the audience to dance with and be surrounded by his audience.

after deciding what sensors we wanted, we got together to start trying to map out the sound actions in ableton live and max/msp -- keeping in mind that none of us knew how to use any of this software or code.  as the member of the group in charge of fabrication, i started laying out where we wanted all the sensors to go on the jacket.

getting arduino talk to max was no problem -- all we had to do was run a serial out on arduino and then run a patch called "maxuino"  on max -- but 4 hours passed, and we couldn't figure out how to make max talk to live.  thankfully, our classmate tony stepped in to help us get our potentiometers up and running, by teaching us all about "ctlout" and its ability to control  midi functions.  here's the first time we were able to control volume:

by the end of the day, we were able to get our knob and slide potentiometers working and mapped to different functions in live.  the slide was controlling the crossfade function at the time of this video, but we soon replaced that with a record scratching sound effect.

to be continued...

pcompRoopa Vasudevan