this week in 2d design, we were asked to experiment with color.

for my first assignment, the colorscape, i decided to keep hue and saturation the same, but change the brightness.  i started with brightness at 85% and brought it down by 15% for each interior ellipse.

what i like about this is that at the side where all the ellipses meet, there seems to be a fading effect there, even though there's not.  it's really cool how adjacent colors can trick your eye into thinking that an effect is there, even though it's really not.

next up was the transparency assignment:

for this one, i used a standard "human" figure (i'd created a template for my icm midterm), and i overlapped the arms to give the impression of them all holding hands, or being unified.  i kept the first two the same color just to see if it would look okay, and then as i gained more confidence i changed hues along the line.   i think i did an okay job here with creating the illusion of transparency, but it was a lot harder to do the color mixing than i thought it would be

2d designRoopa Vasudevan