favorite logo: thums up

one of the most memorable logos, for me, is the logo for thums up cola in india.

this logo to me is particularly memorable because for a long time, thums up was the substitute for coca-cola when i visited india with my parents.  as i found out during my research, the brand was established during a ban on coke products in india in the 1970s and needed to define itself as a different kind of soft drink -- it even supposedly tastes like betel nuts, something that a lot of indians eat after a meal to aid with digestion.  it's currently the largest-selling soft drink in india, even though coke and pepsi are back on the market now (admittedly, coca-cola recently bought the brand and redesigned the logo to boot -- to go with their new slogan, "taste the thunder," and their new male-oriented ad campaign).

i couldn't dig up a lot of information on the designer, but it is interesting to note that a lot of people believe that the logo was designed simply as a giant red "thumbs up" so that illiterate people in india could still order the drink.  pretty good example of a company being aware of their target market and keeping that in mind during the design process!

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