business cards!

i spent some time debating between making a business card for myself as a solo entity, or making one for a potential production company i have been turning wheels for in my head.  eventually i decided on the company, as most of my work will likely come from that avenue in the future.

the name comes from a conversation i had with my friend musetta over the summer.  the only two things that i have not filmed as yet during the course of my career are 1) someone who's in jail or incarcerated, and 2) a delivery/birth.  "jail & labor" had a nice ring to it and also lends itself to some interesting contradictory imagery.

above is the front of the business card.  i went with "lobster two regular" as the font because i feel like it really embodies the playfulness of my own personality better than any standard serif or sans serif could.  i was toying with the idea of die cutting the card, or putting a logo in somewhere, but i soon realized that the font and typography are really the stars of the show in this case.  i added a couple of flourishes here and there (namely the heart and the lock that adorn opposite words) but tried very hard to let the type speak for itself.  i put "productions" in surface regular because of the fact that i wanted it to be in all caps, and also because it's a nice contradiction to the craziness of the script that makes up the majority of the card.

composition wise, i like how the words look like they're zigzagging.  for some reason that's really appealing to me visually.  i also wanted to make the "&" stand out, and i felt like the way to do it was by making it recede into the background, in a sense.

here's the other side of the card:

i recurrected both the fonts from the front of the card.  the background color is in the same color family, but with more black mixed in.  since the background was darker, i put my name in white and everything else in a lighter shade of grey.

a last minute decision i made was the line at the bottom, "a full-service interactive and documentary production company".  i just felt like it wasn't obvious from looking at the card what exactly my company did, so i needed an explanation somewhere.  i put this in all lowercase and a smaller version of "lobster two," but i can't decide if this is overkill or not.

now to find a place that will print these before monday!