icm week #5: objects & functions

icm - week 5. this week's sketch was really, really primitive, mainly because i wanted to fully understand what i was doing with regard to functions and objects.  i went in with all sorts of grand ideas about building constellations but ultimately decided to stay simple for the sake of my own sanity, because i was getting frustrated pretty quickly.  i have one object in here and a few functions, but they all work together for one thing.  doing any more than that was overwhelming for right now.

one thing i wasn't quite sure about was how to make the background fade to cover up the shooting stars after they had been launched (as would happen in nature) while keeping the rest of the random stars in the same place.  to be asked in class tomorrow...

i'm a little disappointed with how basic this sketch is.  i feel like i could have done so much more with it had i really grasped the concept fully and been able to logically think things out that we may not have actually discussed in class yet, but honestly, just getting what i have into the proper format was a feat in itself for me.  i think this is the thing that is going to take a lot of practice to master, because up to now i've been able to not only follow along but actually outpace what we've been discussing.  time to buckle down and practice.

icmRoopa Vasudevan