pcomp lab catchups!


with the stupid pet trick out of the way, this weekend was the perfect time to catch up on the pcomp labs that i had neglected while putting my dissing doorbell together. below, the fruits of my labor:


when i set this up the first time, the servo wasn't working and i couldn't understand why. then, i realized that -- stupid me! -- i had put my wire into A1 when i needed to use A2.

much better.

next i tried fooling around with a knob potentiometer instead of an FSR, to satisfactory results:


the theremin noises were really annoying to everyone around me so i cut this one short, but was happy to finally be able to use the photo resistors.

next up was the "shave and a haircut" exercise...

and finally, the three note keyboard! which really delighted me more than i expected it to.

i now kind of wish i had incorporated tone into my stupid pet trick, but i suppose that's something i can do in the next iteration... or in the media controller project, that works too!

pcompRoopa Vasudevan