icm - week 1

icm homework, week 1. i decided to have a little fun with this one even though the instructions were to do as simple a sketch as we wanted.

the biggest frustration about this was the trial and error of figuring out where my various shapes were supposed to go.  it would have been much easier had i known some way of calculating pixels, so i could have built what i wanted where i wanted the first time around.  instead i had to edit the code multiple times in order to get things where i wanted them to be.  i'm sure this is all part of the master plan and that there are easier ways to do this (which we'll no doubt learn down the line) but i would have loved a way to be sure of where i was putting things right off the bat.

then again, this probably teaches me a lot about my own patience!  something i will definitely have to work on as this class progresses.

screen grab of the final code below, mostly for my own reference:

icmRoopa Vasudevan