bad signage

there were an abundance of bad signs in my neighborhood.  behold the worst four:

for years i thought this place was a shoe store. the outline of the old sign is still prominently visible and the spanish underneath translates to "shoes for the whole family." i always wondered why they didn't update their signage, especially because the storefront still seemed to be open.

so when a friend of mine asked me if i wanted to go to dinner there one night, i was really confused. turns out the place is a french restaurant called robin des bois. the name in the corner is so small that it's incredibly easy to pass it over in favor of the bigger, more prominent shoe store signage. i understand that they may have liked the aesthetics of keeping the old sign intact, but it's really serving to confuse the customer (as it did in my case). it's an interesting idea but it just doesn't work. i'd make the name of the restaurant much larger and more prominent, possibly at the expense of the older sign underneath.

i had issues with this sign because it's basically three different signs telling you the same thing.  this could easily be condensed to just one: "to activate alarms, call x number."  even if they had wanted to tell the passerby what these alarms were for, the phone number didn't need to be there three times.

what is this place supposed to be?  a dentist's office? "body work" (whatever the hell that is)? a better way to do this might have been to just put in an awning with the building number on it, and then a directory by the door telling people what offices were on what floor.

this is basically an issue of too much information.  the store's name is ostensibly CFSC (i think) but i had to look really hard to figure that out.  there are also way too many signs on the front of this building.  i would trim it down to an awning with the name of the store on it, and then maybe a list of things they do underneath that -- leaving the windows open.

2d designRoopa Vasudevan