thoughts on applications #1

inaugural blog post!  (well, with content anyway.) i thought, at the beginning of his lecture, that i didn't know who vito acconci was.  it didn't dawn on me until towards the end that a friend of a friend had actually worked with him before as part of his architectural group.  she raved about him and was a huge fan of his, so it was really cool to see the progression from his earlier, personal work to such public spaces.

although, someone said in class and, unfortunately, i can't remember who -- intimacy still seems to be a huge part of his work, even in spaces that are so public and so out there.  i guess what i took away the most from hearing him speak was the fact that it is possible to have an intensely personal experience with a project that, at the end of the day, is shared with everyone.

to an extent, that's what i did in my former job too -- created content that had the potential to spark personal thought and ideas in millions of people at the same time (whether it actually did is a different story!) but tv is such a different experience from architecture or interactive content of any kind... just because of the fact that tv, by its very nature, is NOT interactive.  television can be a wonderful mode of communication if used properly, but the experience of sitting there while a screen flashes things at you, with little to no participation from the viewer other than to change the channel, is probably the most passive thing i can think of.  there's a reason that parents warn their kids that too much tv can rot their brains.

but when you're so entrenched in that field, it's hard to see how else you can relay the information you want to the people who need it.  wanting to be more interactive sometimes seemed like a total pipe dream, because passive tv was working well enough.  so if it ain't broke, why do anything to fix it?

and so what i think was the most inspiring thing about mr. acconci's lecture for me was the fact that interactivity can be applied to the "real world" with genuinely useful, productive results.  obviously i knew that before, or i wouldn't be here.  but it was so great to see someone who made the transition from one creative path to another and had success in both avenues.  it gives me hope that i can potentially do the same thing and that i'm not crazy for wanting to make things that people can get real use or knowledge from.  it was a really great start to what i hope will be a very productive and enlightening two years.

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