fantasy device: automatic vinyl flipper

i'm a big fan of vinyl records -- somehow they just sound a lot better to me than CDs or any digital counterparts. but an annoying part of listening to music that way is that you have to manually turn the record over to continue listening to the album. so as my fantasy device for this week's pcomp assignment, i thought -- wouldn't it be great if i had some kind of mechanism that would flip the record over for me automatically so i wouldn't have to?

here is a (badly rendered) mock-up of the interface.  the user would program what side of the album they were listening to, A or B.  if the user had programmed the A side, when the record ended, the device would automatically open the lid to the player (if necessary), extend an arm with a claw-like grabbing device, pick up the record, twist the claw so the other side of the record was now facing up, and lower the lid.  the player would then automatically be programmed to start when the lid was closed.

is this actually feasible?  i don't know.  the device would need to incorporate sensors in the needle, similar to those that detect the end of the record in my current player (once the end is reached, the needle automatically returns to resting position and the turntable stops spinning).  the difference is, these sensors would activate the flipper instead of just taking the needle off the record.

the other issue is whether any kind of device like this would be compatible with record players that are on the market today.  would this have to be an entirely new kind of record player?  possibly.  but there might also be a way to adapt a player like mine to respond to a new device attached to it, although most of the turntable's functions would have to be amended with new programming and circuitry.

pcompRoopa Vasudevan