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animation & motion

animation & motion graphics.

projects completed as a freelance video editor, animator, and/or motion designer. software used specified under each listing.

"what's in it: protein bars." created for the new york times, january 2014. co-animator & co-producer.  using adobe after effects.

"building a new bridge."  created for the new york times, march 2014.  animator & editor.  using adobe after effects and adobe premiere.

"lens inro videos." created with local projects for the cleveland museum of art's gallery one interactives, 2012.  using adobe after effects. 

"a brief introduction to debugging." fall 2014.  video series created in collaboration with clay shirky.  using adobe after effects.

"herehere concept video." created for microsoft research, march 2014.  animator and editor.  using adobe after effects.

"super bowl 2014 by the numbers."  created for the new york times, january 2014.  editor.  using adobe premiere.

"big screens 2013: titles." fall 2013.  exhibited on december 6, 2013 at interactive corps' headquarters, on their 120 ft X 12 ft video wall.  using adobe after effects.

"enter the hot dog."  a collaboration with sarah hallacher, fall 2011.  using adobe after effects and final cut pro 7.

"sticky love story." a collaboration with federico zannier, fall 2011.  using dragon stop motion and final cut pro 7.