all-american girls

All-american girls

"all-american girls" is a series of cross-stitched panels depicting women's voting patterns in the 2012 united states presidential election.  the project juxtaposes the very traditional and stereotypically "feminine" craft of needlepoint with evidence of increasing female activity in american politics.


the number of colored stitches in each candidate's name corresponds to the exact percentage of women who voted for that candidate in the selected state.  each pattern was generated with processing, using data from CNN exit polls taken on election night (november 6, 2012).  the patterns were then each embroidered by hand.

source code on github

download the patterns to make your own here



ITP winter show, tisch school of the arts / NYU, new york NY, december 2012

"data visualization showcase", strata conference, santa clara, CA, february 2013

tedxnyu, may 2013