roopa vasudevan is an american artist, creative coder, and researcher, currently based in new york, NY and shanghai, china. her work has been exhibited internationally and featured on reuters, pbs newshour, slate, hyperallergic, jezebel, complex, PSFK, the FADER, public radio international, and more, as well as on american, french and german television.

roopa’s work explores the influence and impact that our increasingly digital and tech-reliant way of life has on culture, politics, and real world behaviors — and the ways in which technology can reveal patterns and biases in our real-life social systems. she utilizes publicly available data collected over long periods of time, ranging from social media posts to photos, audio and video, which is then run through custom algorithms that extract similarities, differences, and potential underlying meaning. her most recent large-scale installation, “#bellwether”, is an examination of ohio voter sentiment extracted from twitter posts during the 2016 united states presidential primaries, which debuted in cleveland, oh, during the 2016 republican national convention. in 2016, roopa was also an inaugural participant in china residencies’ #slowtrain digital residency, continuing an ongoing series of algorithmically generated portraits while in transit on the trans-siberian railway from moscow to beijing. 

roopa holds a BA in film studies from columbia university, and an MPS from NYU's interactive telecommunications program (ITP), where she also served as a post-graduate research fellow during 2013-2014.  she is a member of the flux factory artist collective and community (based in queens, NY) and is currently an assistant arts professor of interactive media arts at NYU shanghai.